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The medical services were committed for the prevention and treatment of tropical diseases.The diagnosis of these diseases was based upon the rudimentary laboratory service.No 1 Company was at Rawalpindi, No 2 Company at Lucknow, No 3 Company at Poona, No 4 Company at Quetta and No 5 Company at Rangoon.The World War II was responsible for rapid developments.The troops of British Indian Army were deployed over an extensive area. They were present in the heights of Chitral in the north-west to Burma in the east.

The Indian Hospital Corps (IHC) initially was divided into 10 Division Companies, which corresponded to the 10 existing Military Divisions in India and Burma.

The threats of the Russian empire and a fear of Afghans and Central Asians overrunning the Indian territory had made the British rulers wary of the northwestern borders across the Hindu Kush mountains. Rawalpindi was the pivotal military base, from where they controlled the command, logistics and services provided to those troops. Therefore, the city had many offices and institutes located there.

Armed Forces Medical Services were one of the most organized and highly developed support services in the British Indian Army.

This was indeed the best Armed Forces laboratory, which the newly independent Pakistan inherited from the British India in 1947.

After 1947 Lt Col Sarup Narayan was the first Commanding Officer of this laboratory, at the time of independence.

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