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Topics include fractions, decimals, percents, ratios and proportions, measurement and conversion, formula manipulation, technical applications, and basic statistics.

Emphasizes human relations and professional development in today's rapidly changing world that prepares students for living and working in a complex society.

IT Analysis, Design, and Project Management will provides a review and application of systems life cycle development methodologies and project management.Topics include: Systems planning, systems analysis, systems design, systems implementation, evaluation, and project management.This course provides an introduction to computer applications for the development of analytical and problem-solving workplace skills.This course is designed to teach the basic concepts and methods of objected-oriented design and C#. They will use these classes to accomplish tasks such as Database access, File access, exception handling, running threads, using sockets to talk across a network, and remotely calling methods using RMI techniques.This course is a course in building Web Applications using Java Enterprise Edition (JEE).

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Michelle Sample provided legal expertise on CP24 in response to a story about a man who performed marriages without legal authority.

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