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From the popular anime series Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX comes a selection of short sleeve cycling jerseys featuring the main characters from the series!■ Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX Cycling Jersey: Hibiki Tachibana Ver.This legacy is reflected in the sediments of a number of regional lakes, with evidence detected for contamination from local mines (Hamilton-Taylor ).

The post-mining trajectories for Pb and Zn project a return to pre-mining levels within 54–128 years for Pb and 75–187 years for Zn, although future remobilisation of metal-enriched catchment soils and floodplain sediments could perturb this recovery.

At Ennerdale and Wastwater (western Lake District), twentieth century metal mass accumulation rates were linked to atmospheric emissions from regional coal and lead consumption (Hamilton-Taylor ) for Lochnagar, a small tarn in northeast Scotland, where atmospheric input dominates the anthropogenic inventory of Pb and Hg.

Thus, we do not have a good grasp of point-source historical metal fluxes even for small mines located in close proximity to a lake.

The initial onset in 1696 was detected, peak Pb concentrations () corresponded to the most intensive mining episode (1863–1871) and twentieth century technological enhancements were reflected as a more muted sedimentary imprint.

After careful evaluation, we used these markers to augment a Bayesian age-depth model of the independent geochronology obtained using radioisotope dating (Am).

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