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"Bring her to the table." They pulled me to the strange table, and forced my hands into the metal rings, snapping them shut so they were trapped.

I wrapped my legs around each other, trying to conceal my pussy, but they each grabbed one leg, forcing my thighs apart, and snapped my feet into place.

When he slipped in another finger, I moaned quietly, but as he continued, it got louder.

"As you can see, she's very aroused now, and has begun to vocalize her pleasure.

"Strip her." I tried to struggle, but one boy yanked off my bra, while the other pulled my panties down.

I tried to cover myself with my hands, but then I heard the teacher speak.

"Today, Anna, or I'll write you up." Trying to contain my sobs, I pulled down my jeans, revealing the black panties I wore.But last year, a new principle took over, so this year we were taking sex ed.I was somewhat excited, as I knew very little about sex. My highschool, until recently, had a very conservative principal, so we had no sex education. I'm 18 years old, with shoulder length red hair, large C-cup breasts, and a slim body.

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As I walked, I noticed a strange, nearly vertical table with metal rings. I stood in the front of the room, facing the class.

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