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I can only surmise that there’s jealousy afoot when I encounter this behaviour, an arguably useless emotion if there ever was one, simply acting as a mirror reflecting the individual’s own discontent. And ogling breasts can even increase your lifespan (but that’s another story altogether).

How can one look at huge breasts and not simply be overcome with a feeling of warm, nurturing contentment? It’s sad what some models like Jana Defi have to go through in order to prove to such dissenters that her tits are real.

And to then reach one hand around to either side and compress her copious cleavage around my face only to be entirely enveloped and smothered in breast-flesh would make me die a happy man. Then again, I’ve had the benefit of seeing Rachel’s new HD video over at Pin Up Glam.Sometimes, it’s not even a deliberate Photo Shop job that’s the culprit of such image enhancement.For example, my own digital camera automatically engages a convolution filter to even out the subject’s skin tones and smooth the background when I’m shooting in portrait mode in order to increase visual emphasis upon the model.Ariana Grande is known for her Broadway-worthy vocals, while Nicki Minaj has clearly cemented herself as one of the greatest rappers of all time.What happens when the two women team up in the studio? The two powerhouse vocalists brought “Side To Side,” their brand new single off Grande’s 2016 album , to life at the MTV VMAs last night.

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Most of your comments embodied exhortations to show more of this slender, huge-breasted, well-endowed wonder of nature here on My Boob Site.

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