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Julia has shared her story to show how damaging lies can be to a relationship.Passenger Mike Gregory, 35, said he was covered in dozens of itchy bites after taking a £4,000 flight from London to Cape Town to spend the New Year with his family.Pictured: Bloom (inset right) and with her grandmother (left) and grandmother, mother and brother (right), and Jessica Chastain (inset left) who plays Bloom in the new movie Molly’s Game.Footage of a woman accused of murdering her war hero father - filmed just days before she allegedly confessed to the killing - can be disclosed for the first time by Mail Online.Now, Harrods, who are under Qatari owners after the Egyptian tycoon sold the Knightsbridge store, have today announced they will be returning the memorial to the former Fulham FC owner. The president ducked Ryan's questions as he said goodbye to his guests and rushed out of the room.President Donald Trump faced a bevy of questions on Friday about claims that he referred to Haiti and African nations as 's***holes' in an immigration meeting at the White House. President, will you give an apology for the statement yesterday? US President Donald Trump (right, pictured yesterday in Washington) has condemned his predecessor Barack Obama for selling the old site on Grosvenor Square (top left) in London's Mayfair 'for peanuts'.A fountain with pictures of Diana and Dodi al Fayed was built in at the London store, shortly after the couple's death in a Paris car crash in 1997.

Their 36-year marriage broke down after he began seeing the woman half his age behind her back.

Mr Gregory’s itching started on New Year’s Eve, a few hours after he arrived in Cape Town, where his wife and two small children live.

The BA Gold Card holder had left London at 9.30pm the previous day and settled down to sleep but woke in the morning to find spots of blood on his pillow.

Carrying her washing to a local launderette, Barbara Coombes, with her distinct white hair and bulky frame, cut a lonely figure as she trundled along the pavement.

Pictured ten days before Christmas the 63-year-old appeared tired and ill while she carried out her weekly washing chore at the Spring-Clean launderette.

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