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”“I don’t think so baby,” Christy said softly, “please don’t misunderstand me.”“I understand baby.”“I couldn’t let you see me naked now, it just wouldn’t feel right.”I held her hand and whispered that I understood.“So what are you going to do about sex while he is away? ”“Chris tells me that he has an idea; he will talk to me about it tonight, in bed.”We ate dinner and Chris came over, we had a few glasses of wine before they went to bed together. ” I asked.“Of course,” Christy replied, “He is Chris’s best friend and he will be living at Chris’s while he is away.”“Continue,” I smiled.“Chris has suggested that he loans me to his friend, while he is away.”“I see, and have you met this friend?

”“I will just have to find a lover, if you don’t mind, of course.”“I don’t mind at all, you need to be fucked, so will it be a black lover? I was anxious to hear of his idea but knew that I wouldn’t be told until the following evening. ”“No, not yet,” Christy said softly, “he wants me to go over and meet him tonight.”“Okay.”“Apparently, he is very strong-willed and very dominant,” Christy smiled, “and Chris tells me that is cock is even bigger than his!

I stood there as he kissed her again and placed his hands on her ass, my erection was obvious as they broke from their kiss.“Hi, dude,” Jason said as he put his arm around my wife’s shoulder.

Jason was standing in the living room; a huge black guy, around six feet tall and he weighed around one hundred and ninety pounds.any big black cock in Chicago want to break in a crossdressing sex perv contact me [email protected] ill get the room you bring 10" I was thinking of getting a room in schiller park on sat. Read more Enjoy small penis humiliation from ladies of any race. Currently live in Austin Texas but travel quite a bit. His discussions were to take place on Friday and he asked us if Christy would like to go with him, he would be gone for two days.“You should go, baby,” I smiled.“You, don’t mind baby?I will be away for two days.”“Of course I don’t mind.”“I told them that I have a girlfriend,” Chris smiled, “They would love to meet her.”“Then they must meet her,” I smiled back.

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